Cultural Attractions

 Cultural attractions abound in Atlantic City, NJ. There is something of interest for people of all ages.

From the historic Absecon Lighthouse you can get a panoramic view of the Atlantic City shore and surround areas. This is the tallest lighthouse in New Jersey (171 feet tall) and the third tallest in the U.S. It is over 150 years old and has 228 steps leading you all the way to the top. There are landings for you to stop and rest on the way up. The landings have pictures and some written history for you to read while you catch your breath. In the summertime there are activities for kids such as Wacky Wednesday programs, moonlight climbs and sleepover adventures.

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The Atlantic City Aquarium gives you the opportunity to see a wide variety of marine life that you probably have never seen before - not unless you have done some deep sea diving. There are 18 large tanks, including a gigantic 25,000 gallon tank, that are filled with cownose rays, black sea bass, a southern stingray, lookdowns, smooth dogfish and more. There are a variety of exhibits where you can get up close to horseshoe crabs, clownfish, anemones, live coral, moray eels, moon jellies, sea urchins and a loggerhead sea turtle by the name of Groman. There are several touch tanks where you have the opportunity to touch things like baby stings or sharks.

For those who are interested in arts and culture, plan to visit the Atlantic City Historical Museum and the Atlantic City Art Center. Both are located on Garden Pier. The Historical Museum showcases 150 years of Atlantic City's interesting history. For instance, Mr. Peanut, who previously stood in front of the Planters Peanut store on the Boardwalk for many years, is now housed at the museum. Glimpse into Atlantic City's past through videos, photos, artifacts and memorabilia.

The Atlantic City Art Center has several galleries that feature paintings, drawings, etchings, paper sculpture and other unique works of art of all types of media. The exhibits change on a regular basis. There are art items for purchase in the gallery shop if you see something that catches your eye. The Art Center also sponsors many activities, including talks, concerts, artist demonstrations and readings of various literature.

Ripley's Believe it or Not is a museum filled with strange, bizarre and interesting exhibits, art and genuine artifacts that are hard to believe. Even the outside of the building has a peculiar look. Some of the things you can see are a bona fide shrunken human head, 14,000 jellybeans put together to create a roulette table and chicken wire sculpted to look like a figure of Jimi Hendrix.

The Steel Pier has been around since 1898 and became world famous for the entertainment and attractions it provided. The pier was destroyed by fire a couple of times and was rebuilt with changes. Extending over the Atlantic Ocean, the Steel Pier is 1,000 feet long. This is 600 feet shorter than the original Steel Pier. There is a long history of family entertainment and amusement associated with Steel Pier. There are rides for kids, thrill rides, plenty of places to eat, games, shows featuring top entertainers, a family pub and even a bar with a view of the ocean. At the end of Steel Pier is a helipad where a helicopter with a professional crew awaits to take you skyward to see the city from above.

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